In April, training for young people was started by the trained trainers of the "MINERVA - Youth for European Cultural Heritage" project, funded under the Erasmus + programme, the sectoral Youth Programme, with the representatives of the Regional Development Agency with Business Support Centre for for Small and Medium Enterprises - Plovdiv, who is a project partner

The first of these topics was related to the presentation of MyCompetences and the Information System for Assessment of Competences of the Workforce by Branches and Regions. Twenty-four young people have met the internet platform that is about to dispel the need for human resources specialists. It was developed within the framework of OP "Human Resources Development" by the Bulgarian Industrial Association. More than 400 companies from 25 sectors participated in the creation of MyCompetence. The platform helps both businesses and the unemployed, students and students who would like to start work.

The system offers access to more than 400 professional standards for key positions. On this site business experts can use materials related to the job requirements - what knowledge and skills the respective employee should have for the job. Standards are developed entirely by business and reflect the real criteria of the companies.

In the system, the creators have also put in place an online questionnaire to test the level of skills and competencies in a given area. The results of these tests can be printed and attached to the application documents.

The platform is also very useful for young people who are about to enter the labor market.


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