"In Bulgaria there is no specific definition and specific studies on family business, as well as specific tools and organizations to support the succession and transfer of family business," said Velizar Petrov, Executive director of RDA BSC SME (Regional Development Agency with Business Support Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) to representatives of the Regional Development Council (RDC) and (RCC) Regional Coordination Committee of the South Central Region, other stakeholders and media representatives.

"For almost three years we have been able to explore the good practices on the subject from the partner countries of project STOB regions - Succession and business transfer in the regions, and we now need to develop an Action Plan to identify the nature of the actions to be implemented, their timeframe, participants, costs and sources of funding (other than the programme and the project) aiming at improvement of the "National Strategy for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 2014-2020 - Small Business Act, he stressed.

The Action Plan concept will focus on three main activities:

ACTIVITY 1. Local network for owner-managers (successors)

ACTIVITY 2. Regional Business Transfer Platform

ACTIVITY 3. Financial Instruments / Mentoring / Certification Schemes

The concept was agreed and adopted unanimously on 25 June 2019 during a joint meeting of the RDC and the RCC of South Central Region (NUTS 2).

Velizar Petrov supported the idea of the Chairperson of the Managing Board of Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mrs. Dobrinja Prodanova for an active joint activity on this topic of succession and business transfer between Thrakia Economic Zone Cluster and RDA BSC SMEs. The project and the Action Plan were also supported by Mr. Dimitar Gishin of the National Council of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association.

The STOB regions – Succession and Business Transfer in the regions is co-funded under INTERREG Europe Programme.


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