On January 30, 2020, in Igoumenitsa, Greece, the first PRO-ENERGY Partnership Meeting will be held - Promoting energy efficiency in public buildings in the Balkans - Mediterranean.

The agenda will cover general topics related to the presentation of the INTERREG Balkans - Mediterranean programme, and more specifically, covering the presentation and discussion of the individual work packages of the project.

Partners from Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Cyprus will discuss project management and coordination, dissemination of information, regional analyzes, strategy and framework, capacity building activities for energy managers, pilot activities and sustainability.

The main challenge for PRO-ENERGY is to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings (municipal, regional, school, university, health center buildings, hospitals, museums, sports facilities, etc.).

It is a two-year project, and Regional Development Agency with the Business Support Centre for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – Plovdiv is partnering with five other partners from Albania, Greece and Cyprus.

Igoumenitsa is a coastal city in northwestern Greece. It is the capital of the regional unit of Thesprotia.

Igoumenitsa is the chief port of Thesprotia and Epirus, and one of the largest passenger ports of Greece, connecting northwestern Mainland Greece with the Ionian Islands and Italy. The city is built on easternmost end of the Gulf of Igoumenitsa in the Ionian Sea and primary aspects of the economy are maritime, transport, services, agriculture and tourism. The 670 km (420 mi) long Egnatia Highway, which serves northern Greece, terminates at Igoumenitsa, making it a popular starting point for tourists coming from Europe.


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