On June 15 in Smolyan the project STOB regions was presented, aiming to optimize policies on development and transfer of business, by initiating a process of training, exchange of experience, evaluation, transfer and upgrade best practices in partner regions.


"The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works supports the STOB regions project and recommends that progress be reported annually in order to assist in the implementation of its recommendations on optimization of relevant policies" - said Mrs. Irina Zaharieva, Director General of the General Directorate "Strategic Planning of Regional Development and Administrative-Territorial Structure" at MRDPW.

Her support, Mrs. Zaharieva, expressed during the presentation of the project to the members of the Regional Development Council and the Regional Committee of the South Central Region of Bulgaria.


"As the project and the program focus on the relevant policies, the representatives of the Regional Council and the Monitoring Committee are exactly the people who could help the process at a regional level," said Velizar Petrov, Executive Director of the Regional Development Agency with Business Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises - Plovdiv (RDA BSC SME).


RDA BSC SME is a project partner in the project, which is funded under interregional cooperation program INTERREG EUROPE 2014-2020.


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