You have a successful business, but you are already thinking - one day to whom and how to leave it? Whether children will cope? Will they want it? Which one or all of them? ... And maybe it's better to entrust it to an external manager...

There is no single answer to these questions. There is no best solution. Everything is individual, specific ... You can do it yourself, but you can also look for external, neutral support in order for the whole process of inheritance, succession and/or transfer to go without any disruption. ...

Sometimes it is much better when there is someone who can look at things from outsides and impartially to give advice because in the family business the ordinary business relationships have long been deeply entangled with purely human, interpersonal relationships in the family. If there are problems in the family, they often also affect the management of the family business. Even the differences between generations can play a bad joke....

Along with these questions also arise purely personal - whether I as the owner I am willing to give the rudder to someone else? Can I trust? For us, the children will always be children and we can hardly judge whether they are big enough and prepared to "fly". But whether the staff who yanked your son or daughter yesterday will be ready to look seriously at them as full-fledged family business executives?

Here is the place of independent consultants and intermediate companies, including RDA BSC SMEs (Regional Development Agency with Business Support Centre for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises - Plovdiv). They can support the whole process of inheritance-succession/transfer, and give external opinion and perspective, be a mediator between generations in the family. They can offer appropriate trainings and consultations, be business mentors, coaches, gurus for businessmen. They can build TRUST so that everything can happen in the best way.

How to help intermediary organizations and how to prepare the appropriate strategies and policies in order for the business environment to be favourable and conducive to the smooth running of this whole process of succession and/or transfer was the topic of the next STOB regions partnership meeting, held in Cracow (Poland) in December.

The partners also exchanged good practices, discussed possible policies. They helped to create and discuss the SWOT analysis of the Malopolska region (Poland).

The next meeting will be in Bulgaria, in Plovdiv, in March 2018, and we will be the host - RDA BSC SMEs (Regional Development Agency with Business Support Centre for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises - Plovdiv)

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