Project summary:

The common challenge of PRO-ENERGY is to improve energy efficiency of public buildings (municipal/provincial/regional buildings, schools, universities, health centres, hospitals, museums, sports facilities etc.). This is a common problem faced by the territories participating in the project characterized by old facilities, outdated/degraded building façades, materials & equipment (insulation, electrical appliances, cooling/heating systems etc.), low energy consciousness & awareness, lack of skilled civil servants, etc. all leading to high energy consumption & CO2 emissions

Target groups / stakeholders include local / national / regional public authorities, sector agencies and regulators, infrastructure and service providers, interest groups and NGOs, higher education and research institutes, training centers and schools, business and enterprise support organizations in the project areas. They will be included in the formulation of the Joint Strategy and Action Plan through public consultation and other formal / informal meetings and events.


  • The need for increased energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions
  • The need for improved public sector energy efficiency skills and knowledge
  • The need to use good practices and tools that promote energy efficiency
  • The need for improved resource efficiency and reduction of energy dependency of participating countries

Expected results:

  • Increased energy efficiency in the participating territories through the joint formulation of a strategy & action plan & the joint implementation of pilot actions contributing directly to the respectic energy efficiency objective of the Balkan-Med programme-Target values: 20% reduced energy consumption in one year after project implementation, 5 public buildings with improved energy efficiency
  • Enhanced capacity of participating territories & other stakeholders to develop & implement sustainable energy projects through the diverse capacity building programmes planned for Energy Managers & the sustainability / capitalisation actions foreseen-Target value: 15 training sessions, 200 civil servants and 500 stakeholders from all territories.
  • Improved funding opportunities for energy upgrades through energy performance
  • Increased awareness of local populations on sustainable energy policies and actions through the extensive communication activities: conferences, promotional materials (brochures, newsletters, bilingual joint strategy).

Main activities:

  • Existing situation analysis - energy efficiency
  • Good practices selection and benchmarking
  • Joint strategy and action plan for increasing energy efficiency through behavioural change
  • Joint criteria for selecting pilot public buildings
  • Energy audits in pilot public buildings
  • Design and implementation of activities on Capacity Building for Energy Managers
  • Installation of smart sensors in pilot public buildings
  • Design and development of a joint pilot platform for monitoring and improving energy efficiency in public buildings
  • Designing and implementing a joint benefit analysis model

Project duration:

Start: 02.09.2019

End: 01.09.2021

Project partners:

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