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RDA BSC SMEs - Plovdiv is an active participant in the process of creating the regional economic development and innovation policies, social entrepreneurship, green infrastructure and energy efficiency, vocational education and development of labour market, historical and cultural heritage and tourism, in the development of regional and municipal development plans and strategies, regional innovation strategies, communication strategies and others. Participation in regional, district and municipal development councils, councils for cooperation and tripartite councils at regional, district and municipal levels, in national and international networks.

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How much is YOUR COMPANY?

What is the cost of a company - this is an important issue especially when we talk about transferring and / or inheriting a business. That is why this was at the heart of the discussions at a STOB regional project partner meeting held on 26-27 Jun

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INSiGHTS partners learning about destination management and product development

Thematic meeting and transnational walkshop in Harghita County, Romania   In the eastern part of Transylvania, Harghita County lies in a depression surrounded by the Eastern Carpathians. Due to its geographical position, Harghita County

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On June 28, 2018 in the town of Pazardjik at a regional meeting with stakeholders of the INSiGHTS project, the vision of an Integrated Strategy for Slow, Green and Healthy Tourism of Plovdiv Region was presented. It was approved earlier in the day

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